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Location: TEXAS
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MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS : PINEAPPLES       Demand : MODERATE.       Market : ABOUT STEADY.       Basis of Sale : Sales F.O.B. Shipping Point and/or Delivered Sales, Shipping Point Basis      Comments :Wide range in quality.
Location : MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS   Commodity : PINEAPPLES   Package: cartons 1 layer    Reporting City: PHOENIX,AZ
DateLow-High PriceMostly Low-High PriceSeasonItem SizeColorEnvironmentUnit of SaleQualityConditionStorageAppearanceImport/ExportComment
08/17/202212.00 - 14.0012.00 - 13.0020225sGOLDEN RIPE
08/17/202212.00 - 14.0012.00 - 13.0020226sGOLDEN RIPE
08/17/202212.00 - 13.0012.00 - 12.0020227sGOLDEN RIPE
08/17/202210.00 - 11.0011.00 - 11.0020228sGOLDEN RIPE
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