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My Custom Reports

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The My Custom Reports portlet is only visible to registered users who are logged into their personal homepage.

The portlet provides a place for you to bookmark your favorite CMNA pages and have them easily accessible from the homepage. Keeping a list of your most visited pages in the My Custom Reports portlet can save you time by making information readily accessible and diminishing the need to navigate through the site on a regular basis. Please note that the bookmarked page will always display the latest market news data that is available in the system.

To add a bookmark to My Custom Reports portlet, navigate to the desired report and click the "Save to My Custom Reports" link in the "Options" section of the report header. You may also name a bookmark with a name of your choice. Delete these links by clicking on the edit button in your portlet then removing them in the next screen.

If you are a registered user viewing your version of the homepage (i.e. are logged in), you have the option of not displaying the My Custom Reports portlet on your personal homepage. To close the portlet, click on the close (X) button.

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