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Retail Report Details

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The following terms are used for Livestock and Grain Retail Reports:

  • Feature Rate: The amount of sampled stores advertising any reported item during the current week, expressed as a percentage of the total sample.
  • Outlets: Total stores sampled.
  • Special Rate: The percentage of sampled stores with a no-price promotion (e.g., buy 1, get 1 free, etc).
  • Activity Index: Measure of the absolute frequency of feature activity equal to the total number of stores for each advertised item (e.g., a retailer with 100 outlets featuring 3 items has an activity index of 300).
  • Branded: Includes any advertised beef cuts marketed under a corporate trademark, or under one of Meat Grading & Certification Branch's Certified Beef Programs.
  • Non Labeled/ Other: Beef cuts advertised without a USDA Quality Grade.

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