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Retail Report Details

The following terms and information are used for Poultry and Egg Retail Reports:

  • Feature Rate: the amount of sampled stores advertising any reported item during the current week, expressed as a percentage of the total sample.
  • Outlets: Total stores sampled.
  • Special Rate: The percentage of sampled stores with a no-price promotion (e.g., buy 1, get 1 free, etc).
  • Activity Index: A measure of the absolute frequency of feature activity equal to the total number of stores for each advertised item (e.g., a retailer with 100 outlets featuring 3 items has an activity index of 300).
  • Specialty products are produced from chickens raised on an all vegetable diet without antibiotics and are minimally processed. USDA Certified Organic are products grown and processed according to USDA's national organic standards and certified by USDA-accredited State and private certification organizations. For more information, visit
  • Specialty eggs include Organic, Omega-3, Cage-Free, and Vegetarian Fed.
  • Chicken and turkey prices are quoted in dollars per pound unless otherwise noted. Egg prices are in dollars per carton. Reports do not reflect all items available in the marketplace.
  • The number of store is the total number of advertising outlets.
  • The weighted average price weighted by the respective number of outlets.
  • Low price is the lowest observed price.
  • High price is the highest observed price.
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