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What is Market News

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The Dairy Market News Branch's objectives are to provide dairy farmers and their cooperatives, processors, buyers and sellers of dairy products, and others with timely and accurate market information on milk and dairy products which will help them in making current buying and selling decisions and in future planning.

The benefits of the program are to provide timely and accurate information on the trading and prices needed for an orderly and efficient marketing system for milk and dairy products.

The three primary responsibilities of dairy market news reporters are: collecting, analyzing and verifying, and disseminating information.

Collecting Market Information

Reporters cover over 60 markets, constantly interviewing buyers, seller, and brokers, of fluid milk and cream, butter, cheese, condensed milk, and dried milk products. They also report on the international market for selected dairy products, concentrating on the three regions of and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Oceania. They collect information for different levels of trading within the marketing chain depending on the product, and most importantly, the willingness of the industry to voluntarily provide the necessary information. Market reporters may obtain prices from the seller and verify this information through the buyers, or vice versa.

Analyzing and Verifying Market Information

In order to properly report a market, the reporter must be able to analyze and evaluate a variety of information as it relates to dairy marketing. In addition to their interviews, market reporters have access to a variety of Federal order and other USDA information. This information is extremely helpful in evaluating the reliability and representativeness of information collected.

Disseminating Information

Dairy information is released through reports issued daily, multi-day, weekly, monthly and annually. These reports are available free of charge and the information is accessible via: the internet, e-mail delivery, telephone, fax polling, automated voice system, the news media, and through other Government releases.

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