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Cookies and Browser Requirements

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On the Dairy Market News Portal cookies are used to help you use our web site interactively. A cookie is a small file that a Web site transfers to your computer's hard disk. The cookies on this site do not collect information about you, but only about your browser session. The cookie makes it easier to use the dynamic features including personalization of this site, without having to provide the same information again as you move from one page to another.

To protect your privacy, close your browser completely after conducting business with our site. If concerned about the potential use of information gathered from your computer by cookies, set your browser to prompt before it accepts a cookie. Most browsers have settings that let you identify and/or reject cookies. For additional information, please contact us at, or by completing our feedback form.

Browser Requirements

The Dairy MNP is designed to work best when using Explorer 5.0 and above or Netscape 4.7 and above web browsers with screen resolution set to 1024 by 768 pixels. If you have an older version and want to upgrade, you can do so by visiting the Netscape download site or the Microsoft Internet Explorer site. We use some of the latest web site technologies to give you the best web browsing experience possible. To take advantage of these powerful features you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser's preferences.

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