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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the data available in the Dairy Market News Portal (MNP) gathered?

Market News reporters collect report information from the field according to region. Market News reporters call their contacts in the field, gather information, and estimate data values for inclusion in their reports. Dairy Market News publishes commodity reports that mainly list price information. Some reports however, publish volume and truckload information.

How are reports generated and what is the frequency of these reports? How current is the data available on the portal?

Market News reporters use the Oracle reporting system to generate reports. Reporters add commentary to these reports before they are ready for publication. The data is published in the Dairy Market News Portal shortly after the Text and PDF reports are published. CME and CCC Purchases reports are published on a daily basis; most Dairy reports are published on a weekly basis, whereas International reports are published on a bi-weekly frequency. After these files are published with commentary they are available for public retrieval.

What format are the reports on the Dairy Market News Portal available in?

Any custom report available in the Dairy Market News Portal is available in html, text, PDF, XML, and Excel formats. Links to a custom report can also be saved and sent.

Do I have to register and create a profile on the Dairy Market News Portal?

Access to the Dairy Market News Portal and information is free to the public. You are not required to register, although we suggest you do so if you are interested in taking advantage of extended site features including:

  • Add bookmarks to your homepage to easily access current information on subsequent returns to the site
  • Email reports or bookmarks to yourself or someone else
  • Email yourself or someone else reports
  • Save query information in My Custom Reports so that individually created reports can be re-run or modified
  • And much more!

You can register by clicking on the “Login/Create Account” text in the left column. The Create Account portion is two step process and both steps need to be completed successfully. Registration and Login utilize the USDA’s eAuthentication process and this allows the users to access other USDA sites as well without having to login there again.

I already have a profile on the FV and LG Market News Portals, can my profile automatically replicate to the Dairy Market News Portal?

Yes, you can use any existing eAuthentication account with the Dairy Market News Portal. You will, however, have to set your preferences for the Dairy Market News Portal as you do for the other portals.

Is the data I provide during registration safe? What data is utilized to maintain my profile by the portal? Is the data ever used to contact users or used for USDA marketing?

The data you provide is safe and will never be used for any marketing purposes, the main information retained and used to support your profile on the portal are your user ID which is system generated, your email address and Zip code, these are used by the EAuthentication system to maintain your profile.

Can I save my custom queries and reports?

Yes, once you have created a user profile and completed the EAuthentication process, you will be able to save custom queries and reports under your Dairy Market News profile.

If I need additional clarifying information that I could not find on the portal, how do I contact the Dairy Market News team?

The contact information for the Dairy Market News team is located on the Contact Us link; the Contact Us link is located on the Home Page and from the page header navigation.

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