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We recognize that you may have an interest in a specific commodity. We understand that you may have an interest in a specific location. And we realize you may have an interest in both. As a result, our navigation system has been implemented in such a manner so as to allow you to start your browsing through either path and allow you to find the information by cross-referencing in as few clicks as possible. You will note that you can narrow your path by either commodity or location when you are only two or three clicks deep into the site.


Use the "Home" button located at the top of each page to return to opening page of the portal. If you are not registered, this will return you to the standard home page. If you are registered, clicking on the "Home" button will return you to your personalized home page. Consider using the "Home" button as a way to "start over." Additionally, you can generally click on the browser's back arrow (left arrow) to return to the previous screen.

Custom Reports

If you are looking for historical information and for data covering a range of dates, consider using the portal's custom report generation functionality. This feature was designed to allow you to develop and execute specific queries, such as a search on one commodity or one location. You can also search on simple average and weighted average report types for the various dairy categories. You can now run reports that until recently only USDA personnel and the Customer Service Center could run by special request.

Monthly reports are based on the first calendar day of the month to the last calendar day of the month. Annual reports are based on the first calendar day of the year to the last calendar day of the year.

The Custom Reports portlet is available to all users of the portal as well as registered users who are logged into their personal homepage.

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