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Retail Report Details

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Specialty Crops Market News surveys more than 500 retailers, comprising over 29,000 individual stores, with online weekly advertised features. Information represents advertised prices for fruits and vegetables at major retail supermarket outlets. Weighted Averages are simple weighted averages. Information is shown by region in the United States. The National region is a summary of all the individual regions. The report is issued on a weekly basis.

Report Details by Region:


Date of the report, generally a Friday. Data represents one week of data collection ending on the report date and encompasses advertisement pricing good from the Saturday before the report date through the following Thursday.


Geographic area in the U.S. (example: states in the Southeast : see the National Specialty Crops Retail Report for the listing of states within each region). The National region is a summary of all the individual regions.


Groups of commodities, as in fruits, herbs etc.


The name of the product reported by Market News. Example: APPLES


The name of the variety pertaining to the commodity. For example, on apples the variety might be Red Delicious.


If the advertisement is labeled as organic, a 'Y' is shown in this column. Refers to product that has been grown organically, according to the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) of 1990. For more information on the organic program please check: USDA Organic Program.


The environment conditions under which a commodity is grown. Greenhouse is used for retail reports.


The unit at which the product is sold. Examples include 'per pound', 'each' and '1 lb bag'.

Number of Stores

The number of stores which display an advertisement for a certain commodity/variety/unit.

Weighted Average Price

Simple weightred average of the number of stores multiplied by an advertised price for a certain commodity/variety/unit.

Low Price and High Price

The range of advertised prices for a certain commodity/variety/unit.

Percent Marked Local

The percentage of advertisements where the commodityis referenced as being grown locally.

Report Details - National

The National summary displays a simple average price for all districts and the total number of stores for all districts. Percent Marked Local is not shown for the national summary.

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